I've MOVED!! ;D
Monday, December 22, 2008


Hons and Dudes!

I've officially moved to legalchicness.wordpress.com!

As wordpress do not allow tagboards,

Please feel free to leave comments instead alright?


love ya guys.. ;)


you know you love me

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Where The TreeTops Glisten, And Children Listen

New Year, New Blog, New Resolutions!
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh so getting lil' tired of blogspot.
Planning of changing to that of Wordpress
for i need a blog with some serious concept!
Still halfway through tidying up the bits of my new blog though.

With new year approaching,
i seriously need ALOT of BIG changes (other than a new blog).

  1. Like stop procrastinating in doing my revisions.
  2. And stop spending money on 'nitty- gritty' stuffs that i have no absolute use for.
  3. Lastly i am thinking of doing some DIETing. (What's a girl doing writing her new year resolutions should this not be added to one of her priorities? )


Upon countless fervent tries of putting Point 3 into actions, it was found to produce following result:

"Such is redundant, for it always gets shove somewhere far in presence of good food and mighty- sweet treats. Well- researched, tried and tested."

visit my new blog here alrighto?
Do pardon me for its pretty empty now.
Shall slowly shift over there by next year to come.
Bad thing that wordpress does not allow for tagboards or any 3rd- functionalities.
Other than that, thought its still cool.

So leave me comments instead when you are there okay?
And do relink me as well! ;)

Love ya guys lots.

you know you love me.

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Where The TreeTops Glisten, And Children Listen

Believing in Santa Claus...
Thursday, December 11, 2008

I remembered that i once truly believed in Santa Claus when i was very small.. Mother used to get us a those huge red socks for our bedrooms so that Santa could drop his gifts to us.

On the night of Christmas eves, i would hope fervently for all the things i want in the world.
Those were really days of my childhood, hoping for silly willy things like having a complete makeup set with pink lipsticks, to hoping for school holidays to last longer.
Of course, Santa Claus was not always right in putting what i had hoped for in my Little Big Red Socks.
Maybe 'he' would be should i had wished them out really loud! LOL

After wishing for all the little wonders in the world, i would pretend to sleep hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus.
For most of the time, Santa was either late or invisible.

This goes on until i'm almost ten when i start doubting in Santa, and knowing the real Santa had been Mother all the while.
Nevertheless, i still looked forward to receiving gifts every Christmas.. ;)

I would get into bed earlier on the later part of my childhood so that Mother needn't wait too late for us to get asleep before stuffing out gifts into our Little Big Red Socks.
And as Sis and i grew older, this practice grew less popular as well.
Now, we would exchange presents together on the eves of Christmas itself.

Nevermind that Santa Claus was never real.
Thinking back, instead, i felt better to have once believed in Santa Claus' existence.
What's life without a little bit of imagination....

Remember the little boy in Polar Express?
It was really heart- warming to know,
that he never stopped hearing the tinkers of the bell Santa gave him...
that he never stopped believing.
Anastasia!! I fell in love with it ever since i watched it the first time when i was eight..The songs are amazing..
and the ending's amazing as well!
well.. i'm one who hates bad endings... LOL
And so, these 2 would definitely make it on my list of must-watchs for this season!

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Where The TreeTops Glisten, And Children Listen

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